We strive to use only the

Finest materials

From responsible sources

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Wood and Timber


Accoya is an incredibly tough, modified wood material known for its strength and its resistance to the elements.
We use Accoya for many of our projects, and we are always happy to recommend the material due to its brilliant performance characteristics.

Metals and Ironmongery

From The Anvil

One of our two main suppliers of ironmongery-related materials,
We work with From The Anvil on a wide range of projects because we value the outstanding quality of their products.

The Coastal Group

We only use the highest quality materials, from reputable sources we know we can trust
As such, working with Latham Timber makes perfect sense for Bosswood



Our commitment to using only the highest quality of paints and finishes naturally led us to work with Teknos as our paint supplier.
We are happy to provide both hand-painted and spray finishes for all of our applicable products.